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1. Kate Spade Earrings Gumdrop Earrings  (Studs that are anything but understated)

2. Ikea Milk Frother for at home lattes

3. Anthropologie Hobnail Tumbler set for chic entertaining

4. Ad Hoc Cookbook (Because you really want to try making Thomas Keller’s fried chicken)

5. A skinny belt that can be worn with a million and one outfits

6. An everyday Leopard Scarf so that she stops stealing mine

7. A massage, because wedding planning is no joke


1 – 4 ~ c and 5 – 7 ~ a


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1. Lobsta dinner for two (We once snagged this deal off of Ruelala, but you can also just order it straight from the restaurant)

2. New Tevas (If he insists on footwear that screams 1992, at least let them be not actually from 1992!)

3. Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves (For driving, cutting wood and generally looking good)

4. New Wine Opener (Because with family parties like ours, we don’t have time to struggle for each bottle)

5. Smooth as silk bourbon (Because the Irish Whiskey you tasted at Thanksgiving burned a hole through your stomach)

6. Homemade Cookies (and the promise of surprise cookie packages throughout the year)

7. “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adeiu”— John Updike’s account of Ted Williams’ last at-bat in Fenway.  “The best piece of sports writing of all time,” my dad once stated.  Cue tears…

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1. Retro striped drinking straws to make drinks a little more fun.

2.  Fleur de Sel-– a nod to one of their semesters in France

3.  CSA membership— because you aren’t you always looking to share a box, and don’t you  need a consult on what to do with that mystery root veggie?

4.  Mulling spices, with some apple cider and a bottle of bourbon– and the hope that you are invited too 🙂

5.  A mix of pretty nail polish colors for roommates to share (because that’s what roommates are for)

6.  Candles for inside (this set looks striking together or separate, at every stage of melting.  For a cheaper version, try these on Etsy)  or tin votives to make their porch feel dreamy

8.  Japanese Washi masking tape– so. fun.

9.  Cheese making kit— A strange new journey for them to embark on together

(*all images via product websites or pinterest)

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1. Hidden Message Collar Stays (Pick them out for him in the morning and act on them at night…)

2. Super Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug (For those long nights in the library)

3. Vintage Map (Maps = Manly Art)

4. A (self indulgent) cashmere sweater (Because you think he looks hot in blue)

5. Hockey Tickets (Because watching people beat the crap out of each other – on skates – on ice – is apparently awesome)

6. A classy night out on the town (Filled with one or two too many martinis and serious flirting)

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1.  Thymes Frasier Fir Candle so that every day reminds her of Christmas morning with the family

2.  A bar of soap that actually moisturizes, and smells like a dream

3.  A houseplant so that she does not have to forgo her love of gardening in the winter months.  (maybe the Peace Lily— in addition to its lovely name, NASA has tagged it as an air purifier!)

4.  Two Movie Tickets plus gift cerficate for popcorn and soda to her local theater.

5.  A pretty pillow for her bed (a gentle nudge for her to replace the one you made at age eight in the needlepoint lesson in Art Class)

6.   A statement necklace that she would never pick out herself, but will make her look glamorous and hip.

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1. J.Crew wool tie (So very “Dead Poets Society”)
2.  Harry Allen Hand Hook (Creepy yet functional)
3.  Balloon Speaker (To rock out on the quad)
4.  The most comfy blanket ever (Because while he loves college, he also misses the comforts of home)
5.  Mustache pint glasses (When you drink out of them it looks like you’ve got a ‘stache!)6. Pi Ice Trays (“I’m a math/science/Russian major who likes to have a good time”)
7. And finally, as a gag gift that is actually useful– Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.  Our cousin once got this for our little brother and his crazy curls never looked better (although we are pretty sure he hid the products from his teammates in the very bottom of his swim bag.)

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