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Red Pants

I really want a pair of red pants for upcoming holiday parties, but I’m having trouble deciding which ones I want. I do however know that I would like them to be work appropriate and warm enough to wear at Christmas and for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what I have so far:

#1. JCrew Wool Cafe Capris. Definitely my favorite, but also the most expensive. Why oh why does JCrew have to be so expensive??

#2. Ann Taylor Modern Cropped Pants. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but hopefully they are wool and lined like the Jcrew ones. I mean it’s winter time… unlined pants just don’t work.

#3. JCrew Minnies. I have these in a very dark purple and I love them. Allie has them in black and loves them. But they are tight… very tight (and a size up looks too big). Are tight red pants sort of like tight white jeans? Just not good on anyone? (Plus they are more of an orangy red, not a holiday red).

#4. Express Ultimate Double Weave Columnist. I haven’t bought anything from Express in years and I think that there’s a reason for that – thin, stretchy, low quality material. But I have to admit, this model looks pretty hot in these…

Has anyone tried any of these on? I need help!

~ c


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I always find it difficult to plan my outfit for Thanksgiving. You want to look nice and cute, but you know that no matter what you do you’ll end up in sweats (or with your pants completely unbuttoned) sprawled across your couch staring down that last piece of pumpkin pie that you know you can eat if you really try hard enough.

To avoid looking like the turkey-shoveling-gravy-guzzling-pie-face-stuffing maniac you really are, here are some  ideas of cozy fall outfits that will allow for quite a bit of belly bloat!

(Everything below is under $200. The outfit on the right is a bit cheaper and more casual. You can click on the header to find the Polyvore.)

The Forgiving Sweater Dress

The Pleated Skirt

Secretly Stretchy Pants

And for the super casual dinners you can always wear The “These are not sweatpants” Sweatpants

Happy Shopping!

~ c

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All images from Urban Outfitters' website

During the colder months I tend to start wearing very monochromatic outfits. Black wool pencil skirts, grey flannel pants, brown tweed dresses… the dark colors and rich textures just make sense in the fall and winter, plus they are easy to wear day after day. A black pencil skirt is like a great pair of skinny jeans.. if you change up your shirt and accessories, you could wear it 2 days in a row and no one would know the difference! (Right?? or is that just me….)

Because I trend towards (somewhat) drab colors, I try to incorporate at least one pop of color or interesting pattern to steer clear of looking too depressing. One of my favorite ways to spruce up my fall and winter outfits is to add a great pair of tights.

Tights are awesome because not only do they keep you warm, but now they come in a million different colors and patterns. Plus tights are cheap so you can buy way more pairs of interesting tights than you could interesting skirts or sweaters.

Opaque Colored 

Polka Dot

Black Opaque



Sexy Fishnets



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What Stays and What Goes

Image from The Sartorialist


Here are my tips for going through your closet and deciding what stays and what goes….

  • I do not subscribe to the “if you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months throw it away” theory for a few reasons – 1. Having some amazing statement pieces (dresses etc) that you only wear twice a year is a great idea. 2. Styles come and go, but well made pieces are forever. I bought some tasselled loafers my freshman year at Trinity College, but I only wore them a few times because the look was way too preppy for me. Well on Friday I wore them with skinny jeans, a red and blue striped shirt and some lipstick and the look was TOTALLY different from how I wore them 9 years ago. I finally figured out how to style them to work for me.
  • If something has sentimental value – KEEP IT! A worn in sweater you stole from your dad, a funky piece of jewelry you bought abroad… these sentimental items are worth the space in your closet because once you throw something away, you ain’t gettin’ it back.
  • Same goes for something you love, but your friends/magazines/trends don’t. The photograph at the top of this post was posted by The Sartorialist a year or so ago and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. He posted this and basically said that while this look isn’t “on trend” right now, it is obviously her look. And nothing looks better than being creative and confident in your choices. (Though now the 70s ARE in style, so maybe she was just ahead of the curve..)

Favorite Blogs for fashion inspiration

  1. The Sartorialist
  2. Refinery29
  3. Saucy Glossie
  4. Lucky Magazine
  5. What I Wore
  6. Kendi Everyday
  7. J Crew (the lookbook)
  8. Zara (the lookbook)
  9. Pinterest (Search “fashion”, “women outfits”, “wear to work” etc)

~ c

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Because we all have to give up some of our clothes at some point in our lives...

This weekend I am doing a serious overhaul of my wardrobe. Throwing away ratty shirts, giving away things that don’t fit and organizing what I do love so that I wear it more often. Here is my plan of attack:
  1. Friday Night 
    Going through my entire wardrobe piece by piece. Once you have the basic piles set out (throw away, give away, sell and keep), ask a friend (or a sister) to help you make the tough decisions. For instance, I have a pair of beautiful heels that are just slightly too big for me. I’ve had them for 6 years and have only worn them out of my house ONCE because I walk out of them. Time to bite the bullet and let them go.
  2. Saturday Morning
    Head to the tailor (which I’ve been putting off for weeks despite the fact that they are literally in my building on the ground floor). I have 4 pencil skirts (black, pinstripe, magenta and mustard) that all hit me at an awkward spot below my knees. Time to shorten them to J Crew worthy length.
  3. Saturday – Sunday 
    Check out my favorite fashion websites, blogs and magazines for inspiration. When I see a look I like, PinIt, bookmark it, print it, create a collage.. anything! This way when you are looking at your closet thinking you have nothing to wear you can have inspiration at your fingertips.

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