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1. Retro striped drinking straws to make drinks a little more fun.

2.  Fleur de Sel-– a nod to one of their semesters in France

3.  CSA membership— because you aren’t you always looking to share a box, and don’t you  need a consult on what to do with that mystery root veggie?

4.  Mulling spices, with some apple cider and a bottle of bourbon– and the hope that you are invited too 🙂

5.  A mix of pretty nail polish colors for roommates to share (because that’s what roommates are for)

6.  Candles for inside (this set looks striking together or separate, at every stage of melting.  For a cheaper version, try these on Etsy)  or tin votives to make their porch feel dreamy

8.  Japanese Washi masking tape– so. fun.

9.  Cheese making kit— A strange new journey for them to embark on together

(*all images via product websites or pinterest)

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The Emma

Over Thanksgiving break, I met up with some of my oldest girl friends (I’ve known some since I was 3 years old!) to catch up before our high school reunion. My dear friend made a seriously delicious drink that I will call The Emma, although a more appropriate name might be sitting-in-a-rocking-chair-on-a-wrap-around-front-porch-listening-to-bluegrass, because that’s what it feels like.

Over ice she put a bit of bourbon, a generous splash of Limonata, and some seltzer to top it off.  It was delish and just how I like my drinks: refreshing yet hearty (listen, some situations merit a dose of liquid courage…) and not too sweet.  I imagine adding a sprig of mint would have been great for the color and aroma.  Thanks for the drink, girlie!

What is your favorite way to use bourbon?


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1.  Last night I made these to bribe some folks at work this morning.  (It worked.)

2.  I took these photos with my phone.  I kid you not!  I recently purchased this app called Camera+ for $2.99 (because I clearly don’t have enough photography apps on my phone) and, holy smokes, the photos are good.  My Nikon D3100 will always have my heart, but for times when I can’t bring my love around with me, Camera+ will be an awesome alternative.  I can’t wait to play around with it!

3. For the record, it appears that my monochromatic eating preference continues.  Uh oh…


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Wasting Time on Pinterest

Pinterest.com has become my new Facebook. I’ve grown tired of seeing my friends and acquaintances (and some randos) looking cute and successful or silly and tipsy in various places and poses. It was time to move on, and move on I did.

Pinterest is an inspiration board style photo and idea sharing website. As a Pinterest user I can create boards, name them and then “pin” image I like with  captions. Plus I can see what other people are pinning and follow them. Basically it is a source of endless inspiration and fun.

Here are a few of my favorite “pins” from today…

If this doesn't make you smile then you obviously don't have a heart


Hello there beautiful.. I must have you!


My dollhouse is bigger than your dollhouse..


How do I make this photo happen???

 Pinterest has also been amazing for wedding planning. I can put together muliple color boards to see what I like best – raspberry and cream, navy and white, pale pink and gold…. When I see a bouquet I love on Martha Stewart’s wedding section I can place it next to a Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress and a cake from The Knot and suddenly I’m starting to see my dream wedding form before my eyes….



Simple and Beautiful (and delicious!)

All images from Pinterest.com

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