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The Sartorialist once had an incredibly smart post entitled “Fashion Above the Neck”* in which he ascertained that if her were a young woman today, he would keep his wardrobe simple and get a fantastic haircut that could serve as the focus of his look.

This post hit me: It was so simple and striking, I literally kept it up in a tab all day long and saved it immediately to my “Things I Like” Google Doc.  Sometimes when I tire of my wardrobe, or I feel disjointed in my style, I think back to how good hair can act as a guiding force in one’s style— if your hair is fantastic, everything else can be simple.

A haircut and color is one thing that I will ALWAYS spend money on**.  You wear your hair everyday and it can be as much a part of your look as fabulous dress or an eye-catching scarf.  If we’re talking price-per-wear, even an expensive haircut becomes frugal.

Her hair is quite different from mine, but I envy it and it reminds me of the crazy-awesome effect texture can lend

Inspiration for my haircut- yay! You don't have to choose between Rapunzel-or schoolboy-length to pack a punch

Last month, I changed my hair for fall with this in mind.  The change was not as drastic as the young lady above, but my new short, deep caramel ‘do is a distinct departure from my wavy summer blonde.  Over the years, my sister and I have collectively hit every mark on the hair color scale from flaxen blonde to rich auburn to milk chocolate***.

A month in, I’m loving my new color and cut, and it serves as a constant reminder that if I put in a bit of effort, my hair can be a statement accessory.

*Oh no, it looks like when The Sartorialist switched to his new blog format, half of this beautiful post disappeared.  Darn interwebs, eating the best posts.
**My salon here in DC is called Blondie’s, and I can safely say they play for the Brunettes just as well.  I think Rachel there is truly fantastic!
*** someday we will make a Cait and Allie Hair Rainbow to show you I’m not kidding!


photo sources: The Sartorialist, The Sartorialist, Website , Refinery29


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