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I have a great friend, Tyler, who is amazing with ingredients. I mean I love to cook, but Tyler loves to cook and isn’t afraid of anything. Pig’s belly? Sure! Lobster tails? Why not!

So, whenever I get to see him I grill him with questions about what he’s concocted last. Last weekend he  was telling me about a cocktail he made for his family at Thanksgiving that sounded so fabulous I had to try it myself.  This cocktail doesn’t use crazy ingredients, but it is crazy good.

Cranberry Simple Syrup

  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 2 Cups of Cranberries

Simmer all ingredients together for 15 minutes. Let cool. Put all ingredients in a container in the fridge overnight and strain in the morning. You will have a bright red delicious syrup perfect for cocktail experimenting.

Ty’s Cranberry Cocktail

  • Cranberry Simple Syrup
  • Vodka
  • Ginger Ale
  • Sparkling Water
  • Orange, Lemon or Lime Slices (I chose lime to get the red/green theme)

The “skinny” Version

  • Cranberry Simple Syrup
  • Vodka
  • Sparkling Water
  • Orange, Lemon or Lime Slices

Pour. Cheers. Drink. Enjoy. Happy Holiday-ing!

P.S. Lucky for us Tyler has a blog, tyskitchen.com, where he documents the meals he’s made during the week. Check it out!



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Because we all have to give up some of our clothes at some point in our lives...

This weekend I am doing a serious overhaul of my wardrobe. Throwing away ratty shirts, giving away things that don’t fit and organizing what I do love so that I wear it more often. Here is my plan of attack:
  1. Friday Night 
    Going through my entire wardrobe piece by piece. Once you have the basic piles set out (throw away, give away, sell and keep), ask a friend (or a sister) to help you make the tough decisions. For instance, I have a pair of beautiful heels that are just slightly too big for me. I’ve had them for 6 years and have only worn them out of my house ONCE because I walk out of them. Time to bite the bullet and let them go.
  2. Saturday Morning
    Head to the tailor (which I’ve been putting off for weeks despite the fact that they are literally in my building on the ground floor). I have 4 pencil skirts (black, pinstripe, magenta and mustard) that all hit me at an awkward spot below my knees. Time to shorten them to J Crew worthy length.
  3. Saturday – Sunday 
    Check out my favorite fashion websites, blogs and magazines for inspiration. When I see a look I like, PinIt, bookmark it, print it, create a collage.. anything! This way when you are looking at your closet thinking you have nothing to wear you can have inspiration at your fingertips.

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